How this blog began …

I was doing a content analysis of women’s lifestyle magazines for a class one semester when I noticed something crucial about all of them. Regardless of their topic — fitness, fashion, relationships etc. — they all stressed the theme of self-improvement.

Now I’m all for self-improvement — in fact, I’ve had my nose in self-help books for YEARS and I think it’s totally necessary for growth. But something was greatly missing from these magazines, and it didn’t take me long to decipher what it was. After ups and downs, a lifelong struggle with self-esteem, and two seasons of clinical depression, I learned that self-improvement–although wonderful–is is absolutely USELESS without self-acceptance.

So my mission was simple: To encourage self-improvement along WITH self-acceptance.

It wasn’t right to me that magazines were presenting self-worth as something conditional. “You’ll get a boyfriend IF you do this …”, “You’ll be beautiful IF you do this …”, “You’ll be happy IF you do this …”

I thought: SCREW the “if’s!” How about this: You are significant NO MATTER WHAT. Period.

I was tired of self-worth being treated as something negotiable, something that fluctuates depending on circumstance. NO. Self-worth just ‘is’. And I would stop at nothing to spread this crucial message.

Hence came the creation of this blog. If I could sum up its message in two words, it would be this: YOU MATTER. I firmly believe that  every person has something valuable to offer–now it’s just a matter of us coming to that realization.

If you’re feelin’ my message, by all means, please SHARE IT. Together, we can start a new movement where we finally treat ourselves, and each other, as VALUABLE people.

Happy reading!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Stop by and check me out sometime.


  2. I don't know why I only just read this now… But I can say that stumbling upon it was very timely. Amen to the power of self-acceptance, sista 🙂


  3. Well said, Celine!!


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