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Everyone Has a Story to Tell: What’s YOURS?

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogs It's crazy because lately the events in my life have been pointing towards one thing: the importance of telling a story.I attended a musical last night titled "Right Here, Write Now" (fantastic use of talent to raise funds for a great cause, by the way) about a girl who felt like ...


Feel Like You’ve Got Nothing to Offer? Don’t buy it.

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogsOne of the most paralyzing things that prevent us from offering our gifts and talents is the belief that we do not have something valuable to offer.MY STRUGGLE ...For a long time my struggle with self-esteem was related to accepting that I was an introvert. Susan Cain explains it excellently in ...


"Self-Appreciation" vs. "Self-Improvement"

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogs While reading a magazine, I came across a tragic article about young women who committed suicide, despite being accomplished & successful. These women were highly driven and goal-oriented, with big dreams and great expectations. However, the constant desire for self-improvement left them feeling stressed, disillusioned, isolated, worthless, and disappointed that they could never be ...


"Walking Resume" Epidemic? NO MORE.

Follow this blog on Twitter: @realtalkblogsI recently had the pleasure of attending an event in my university where I got to meet other young women like me who were interested in (what you might call a cliche) "making a difference in the world". Now these were all beautiful, very talented, very capable women who were ...