Month: October 2013


Living in Abundance (Part 4): LIFE DIRECTION

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogs This is probably drilled in your head by now since I've repeated it over the past few weeks, but here it goes again: The difference  between living in 'abundance' or 'lack' depends on perspective. The same thing applies to the direction of our lives. Why care? Because life never stops ...


Living in Abundance (Part 3): ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogs "Joy comes to us in moments--ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary." - Brene Brown  The fine line between what is "enough" and "not enough" depends solely on our willingness to practice GRATITUDE. Nothing else. Neither our circumstances, possessions, nor ...


Living in Abundance (Part 2): SACRIFICES

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogs It would be great if we could have everything we wanted, if we could pick and choose what we got out of life, weeding out the bad stuff and keeping the best of everything. But life isn't like that. We can't have everything, and life often entails sacrificing one thing ...